The Arizona Desert Lamp

By way of an introduction

Posted in Uncategorized by Evan Lisull on 24 August 2008

In 2007, the much lauded Arizona Growler finally closed its doors with the graduation of its mastermind, Garrett O’Hara. The Growler was, for a brief moment, a genuinely alternative voice on campus, providing conservatives and other dissenters from the campus status quo with a much needed perspective.

Since then, however, the media environment has been barren. While the Daily Wildcat is a better-than-average college publication (take that for what you will), the UA has a dearth of outside media outlets, especially given the 30,000 or so students on campus.

The Desert Lamp aims to ameliorate this situation, providing a conservo-libertarian take on the issues that concern the UA. Above all, the Lamp seeks to reinvigorate a campus dialogue that often becomes stagnant between Speedway and Sixth.


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