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Daily Wildcat does it big

Posted in Campus, Media by Evan Lisull on 25 August 2008

Happy first day of school – whether or not that’s a sardonic opening is up to you. With all of the new buildings starting up around campus, it seems that the Daily Wildcat felt compelled to join in the ‘new look’ movement as well.

The paper now is published on broadsheet; in essence, it looks less like this:

And more like this:

(I know it’s a weird comparison. But just try to imagine the content of the top in the format of the bottom.)

The image at the Wikipedia link is the best way to compare the before and after. Before was somewhere around the size of the Daily Mail; the after is something closer to Neues Deutschland.

What was the impetus behind this change? From the paper’s new editor, Lauren LePage:

We are creating a professional, aesthetically pleasing paper, a paper that focuses on and prides itself in community journalism.

Unfortunately, the same letter from the editor goes on to say,

Other changes we are introducing include: . . . a weekly lifestlye [sic] WildLife section on Wednesdays . . .

Along with this broadsheet change, the paper also appears to be printing two sections on a regular basis; the front page, and the sports page. The crossword is hidden at the end of the sports page, which I predict will lead to 1) an increased the ruffling of papers for the first few weeks of class; and 2) a decrease in non-sports news consumption on campus.

Overall, the paper looks nice (especially the front page), if a bit unwieldy for in-class consumption. I’m sure that the broadsheet change had a good deal to do with increased ad revenue (exhibit A: the three, full-page adverts from A10-A12), but that’s the nature of the business.

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