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ASUA Senate preview

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 27 August 2008

In a few hours, the ASUA Senate will begin the 08-09 year. Before we enter the second year of the Bruce Presidency, let’s take a look at the new senators, and the platforms that they ran on during the election:

Bryan Baker

Baker’s major proposal in his Senate run was “Project Crime Stop,” which would place security cameras at the entrances and exits of all dorms on campus. Costing around $2 million, Sen. Baker does not address concerns of student privacy rights in his policy. He has also proposed “Project Powerhouse”, which would attempt to garner ZonaZoo national attention in an attempt to recruit students to the UA. Presumably, Sen. Baker is not referring to the national attention ZonaZoo received after the bottle throwing incident last season.

Matthew Ellis

Ellis emphasized in his campaign that, “the responsibility of checks and balances has been neglected in the past.” He repeatedly brought up the threat of impeachment, and during his interview with the Wildcat he stated that he would consider impeaching some of his running mates. He also was part of the ASUA PULSE coalition, advocating for the use of surveys as a way to determine what policies the Senate should implement.

Emily Fritze

Where other candidates proposed sweeping measures, Sen. Fritze instead focused on marginal changes that, while small, seemed fairly feasible. One of these was the proposal to join USA TODAY’s Collegiate Readership Program, which would provide national publications on campus at a minimal cost to students. Fritze also put forth the idea of using the old rec center parking lot as a tailgating area; she stated, however, that this is a long term goal.

Nick Macchiaroli

Macchiaroli ran on three main proposals. The first was the implementation of a weekly shuttle service, running from campus to Fry’s, Target, and the Tucson Mall, at a total cost of $27,428. He has also pushed for a ZonaZoo system that would create a points system for attendance, encouraging attendance at less popular sports by granting those fans priority seating for the more popular sports such as football and basketball. Finally, he has advocated for a sweeping overhaul of WebReg, arguing for an “automatic waiting list” for all classes.

Jimmy Mackenzie

MacKenzie was another member of the ASUA PULSE group. His other main issue was interaction with the city of Tucson, which would include increased access on the city council, and having a greater role for student input into city affairs.

Jason Mighdoll

During his campaign run, Jason Mighdoll focused on three platform planks. The first of these is “improved student awareness of professors and courses,” which would create a Teacher Course Evaluations Review Committee within ASUA, and mandate the release of past professors’ syllabi to students considering whether or not to take the class. Mighdoll has also planned to expand awareness of clubs in ASUA, as well as increasing the availability of free flu shots at Campus Health.

Kayla Patrick

Patrick’s campaign focused on an issue that is not exactly conventional election material: the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Although it is the top-ranked center of its kind in the nation, Patrick seeks to “strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the DRC”, as well as to expand awareness to other students. Patrick has also advocated for increased student awareness of rape on campus, through the Women’s Resource Center.

Stephen Wallace

While no official platforms were offered online, Wallace presented several platforms during his media interview with the Wildcat. These included a proposal to expand the broadcasting of classes online; the implementation of a human anatomy course; and increasing student awareness of the campus legal counsel.

Gabby Ziccarelli

The top vote-getter in the election with nearly 9 percent of the electorate, Ziccarelli promoted several new policies in her campaign. The first of these was the development of a Student Nutrition Council (SNC), which would be in charge of lobbying for new food-related programs on campus. Ziccarelli also pushed for the creation of an off-campus housing director, as well as the creation of an “Alliance Committee” between the various organizations involving student affairs (ASUA, RHA, and CSIL). Finally, Ziccarelli supported hiring a paid director for the Women’s Resource Center.

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