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Posted in Campus, Random by Evan Lisull on 4 September 2008

For many on campus, the crossword puzzle is a matter of life or death. It is a staple of existence, as important as a morning cup of coffee, lunch, or a nightcap potable. Often you can see the unfortunate student caught in a lecture hall sans crossword, writhing in agony.

Today, crossword users were shaken by two separate (and, hopefully, unrelated) incidents. The first was a letter to the editor, which is either sublime satire or a depressing preview of the future. Regardless, it is worth quoting in its entirety:

Crossword proves ‘too hard,’ damaging to self-esteem

This letter is in response to your terrible crossword puzzles. They are too hard. I have been struggling for four long years and failed to complete even one. They are simply impossible. Just because everyone who works at the Wildcat is a crossword puzzle expert, does not mean they should force these crosswords onto the public. I have done other crosswords in activity books that are not nearly as hard. It is very damaging to my fragile ego to be unable to enjoy the crossword puzzles. I am sure my fellow students feel the same way. Please adjust your paper accordingly for the good of the school.

Kevin Miller
biosystems engineering senior

The major should give this one away. Yet the letter seemed to be have taken at face value by the Wildcat’s editors, for the today’s crossword was exactly the same as the one printed on Tuesday. Attention, aspiring newspaper editors: there are no second chances in the world of crossword! UA’s Crossword Nation was left to do the crossword with their opposite hand, in Cyrillic, or as a last resort turned to (shudder) the Sudoku.

Image courtesy of flickr user chipgriffen. However, in no way does the use of this image imply any sort of support for using pencils on crossword puzzles.

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