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Special election candidates

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 8 September 2008

In spite of absolute lack of interest, there will be a special election for the Senate seat that was vacated by Rosie Reid-Correa this past spring (full story here). The election will be held on September 17, but features only two candidates — Dominick Plado and Andre Rubio.

Plado (pictured on the right) is a junior who has mostly been involved with the RHA Executive Council. His platform sounds eerily familiar — “bringing the students back to ASUA”; improving sustainability efforts on campus; and “fiscal transparency and responsibility.”

To his credit, one of his sustainability platforms is feasible, if marginal — changing the home page of the library computers to Blackle, a black-screen Google which saves a bit of energy. A small step, but a feasible one.

(Miguel) Andre Rubio (left) is also a junior, and currently serves as the Diversity Executive Director on the President’s cabinet. He proposes to encourage ‘financial education’ for students on campus, install cameras in parking garages, supports “healthier food in our Unions,” and also stresses sustainability on campus.

For (slightly) more detailed information, you can visit their Facebook groups (Plado and Rubio, respectively). With limited polling on the race, the only number of any sort int is group membership, which Plado is winning easily, with 110 members to Rubio’s 24. Each side also counts former senators among their support, with Brent Hanson backing Plado, and Jason Ernst backing Rubio. The numbers may seem insignificant, but even the general election turn-out has sparse turnout; this election may very well have only 300 voters, putting Plado well on his way to a Senate victory.

Sadly, neither of these candidates are true outsiders — Plado may still be unscathed by ASUA, but the long tenure at RHA ensures a sort of guilt by association. It seems that, regardless of the results, there will be little change forthcoming in the Senate.

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