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Crossword Nation strikes back

Posted in Campus, Random by Evan Lisull on 11 September 2008

Last week, I wrote about a series of crossword-related flubs by the Daily Wildcat. It would seem that I’m not alone in my disgruntlement. From today’s Mailbox:

Reader disappointed by crossword repeat

For the first time in my three years at Arizona I feel neglected by you. I mean, I’ve cared for you. I’ve recycled you. I’ve even made a paper airplane out of you and thrown you off of the second floor of the Union. Moreover, I’ve opened you every day for nearly two years and nothing has been more troubling then what I found in last Thursday’s edition. I’ve been honest with you and have always had the same intentions; I just wish you could say the same. I skim the three things I need to know for the day and laugh at the dumbasses in Police Beat. I sometimes think about placing an ad in the classifieds for your sports section, but regardless of their struggles, you have always been there for me. That’s why it was so frustrating when I sat down in class on Thursday and opened you up to the crossword to find that it was a repeat from Wednesday. I mean, really? The one part of the paper that can get me through a day and you do this to me? Come on D-Dub, you are so much better than that. I actually had to pay attention in class on Thursday. So I got one for you, D-Dub: What’s a twelve letter word for letdown?

Brett Booen
Journalism junior

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