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No Logo Myth-Busting

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 18 September 2008

It seems that the social justice carnival continues today with a presentation of the documentary “No Logo”, based on hack artists Naomi Klein’s work of the same name. In what is hopefully scripted irony, the Economics Society will also be meeting today.

This is a good a time as any to link to Johan Norberg’s brilliant takedown of Ms. Klein’s thought, entitled “The Klein Doctrine.” There’s some back-and-forth debate between the two here. If you’re not into that whole reading thing, you can watch video of Norberg discussing Klein’s thought here (on Milton Friedman) and here (on her absurd interpretation of the Tianamen Square uprising).


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  1. ecmendenhall said, on 22 September 2008 at 1:21 pm

    I’d be remiss not to mention The Economist’s excellent article (published after the release of “No Logo”), “Why Naomi Klein Needs to Grow Up”:

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