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ASUA Meeting 5 Wrap-up

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 25 September 2008

This week’s meeting was mostly ho-hum. The Camp Wildcat issue came up again, although it appears that the Club did receive additional money after their argument was reheard at the Appropriations Board. This issue seems to be finished, although the acrimonious manner in which it went about will probably result in icy relations between the two for at least a couple of years. The Supreme Court Judges were also appointed; unfortunately, the Court has yet to seat its own John Marshall, and thus is a rather impotent entity, even in the scheme of the ASUA.

Senate reports hinted at the next wave of major projects: Sen. Ziccarelli is establishing a survey of commuting students; Sen. Ellis is planning a survey on technology resources; Sen. Wallace is conducting a residence-hall survey on the security camera platform that he campaigned on; and Sen. MacKenzie is helping to appoint members of the Sustainability Steering Committee. Sigh.

UPDATE: The Wildcat article on the meeting reported the following:

Sen. Jason Mighdoll spoke about campus safety, as he recently returned from a seminar addressing the campus security post at Virginia Tech. He said surveys will be distributed to residence halls to determine whether the students want security cameras for increased safety, or whether they would view this as a violation of their privacy. Mighdoll is working with Residence Life on this issue.

This is, unfortunately, not true. Sen. Mighdoll reported that his plan to increase flu vaccinations on campus is having a “blitz” on October 5, and that he would be absent from the next meeting due to a trip to Singapore (presumably, with the Students in Free Enterprise). The security camera plan has been Sen. Baker’s from the beginning, and to the best of my knowledge Sen. Mighdoll has had nothing to do with it.


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