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How is the UA blogosphere like the federal government?

Posted in Campus, Media by Evan Lisull on 25 September 2008

It just keeps growing and growing (Lame libertarian joke = -10 cool points)! But yes, two more announcements following Laura Donovan’s new blog:

1. This comes a bit after the fact, but the Desert Lamp has now officially become a group blog, with the addition of new guest writer Connor Mendenhall. Connor, as you may remember, was the editor of the Wildcat‘s opinion section last year, and wrote the now-classic editorial in support of abolishing ASUA. While studying abroad in Ankara this year, he will still continue to stay abreast of all UA and world affairs, and provide his ever-incisive commentary. You can read his first two entries here and here.

2. Justyn Dillingham, current opinions editor at the Wildcat, has also started his own blog, The Civic Spirit. The blog is more focused on national and international issues (if you want his take on local issues, read the damn paper), and contains essay-length insights from UA’s top Jeffersonian thinker. Read his takedown of Hillary hack Sean Wilentz here.


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  1. spectreversusrector said, on 25 September 2008 at 11:05 pm

    at risk of sounding like somebody’s grandmother, i have to say it is wonderful that you guys are doing this and it makes me so proud! keep on keepin’ on.


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