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Guns on Campus: The Training Video?

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 4 October 2008

From the New York Times’ Ideas blog:

New at colleges this fall: an instructional DVD, “Shots Fired on Campus,” featuring tips and techniques for surviving a shooter attack like the horror at Virginia Tech. Some see this sort of thing as fear-mongering. The 20-minute video goes for $495 apiece and an additional $1,000 for a campus Intranet license, and a lot of schools have ponied up.

Now, understand — I favor allowing concealed weapons on campus. However, I support this only insofar as the effect on campus is like to be negligible. The number of students and staff who have actually gone through the Byzantine concealed-carry process can probably be counted on two hands — the Wild West this ain’t. And, when a policy has such small effects, it is best to err on the side of liberty, rather than priggishness.

Yet this is simply fear-mongering, akin to the communist air raid drills of the the 1950s. Perhaps there are more attacks than before, but they still are rarer than, say, campus fires.  And for the schools to spend thousands of dollars on this?

The article that the NY Times links to also contains another dispatch from the Nanny State:

With this program we teach students how to identify a shooter before he actually shoots. Indications such as a fascination for guns or a sudden change of behaviour in a student should be taken into account and reported immediately.

Shoot; I guess they’re already watching me.


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