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ASUA Meeting 8: In Which Nothing Happens (Or Does It?)

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 16 October 2008

It would seem that the Senate was going for the land-speed record for fastest collegiate government meeting — the entire thing lasted no more than fifteen minutes (a blessed respite after last week’s slog).

Issues brought up included a call for further participation in a “Pac 10 Fitness Challenge” (come on, fatties, step it up a notch!), notice of a new Code of Student Integrity with “many changes,” and the continued progress of “Project Crime Stop.”

However, there was one possibly serious issue of note, which requires a bit of background in Senate procedures. The Senate agenda consists of various items, which are labeled by number rather than name — just as official proceedings in Washington refer to “H.R. 4772” and “S.R. 25”, the ASUA Senate refers to “Item 090345.” A Senator will call to introduce the item, a call which must be seconded by a second Senator. In every other case I’ve witnessed, this at minimum entails a brief description of the item, usually followed by a brief discussion before the vote.

Yet an item brought up in today’s meeting by Sen. Fritze garnered no such process. After the item was called and seconded, the floor was opened for discussion. However, after perhaps a second of silence, another Senator moved to end discussion and vote, a motion that was not challenged. The vote in favor of the item was unanimous.

I have absolutely no idea what this item is, what it entails, or who it involves. Hopefully, a public records request for the minutes will help to sort this out; regardless, it’s a very iffy way to go about achieving “public disclosure.”

The Senate will also be hosting its first “town hall” (vomits in a Pavlovian reaction to campaign rhetoric) for the students on November 5, in the Presidio Room.


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