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White Paper: Arid Lands

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Connor Mendenhall on 19 October 2008

Arid Lands, the interdisciplinary graduate program that focuses on researching and preserving Arizona’s desert and other dry climates, offers an apt message in their white paper: don’t tread on us! From the proposal:

On September 19, 2008 the ALRS Executive Committee met to discuss the role of the ALRS Ph.D. program in the on-going transformation process. At that meeting multiple options were evaluated regarding the merging of our interdisciplinary program into one of the multiple ‘Schools of the Environment’ that are being discussed across campus. At the end of the meeting it was the unanimous decision that ALRS should remain a GIDP [Graduate Interdisciplinary Program].

The paper goes on to cite a shout-out from the Arizona Daily Star and a favorable review from UA’s last internal survey of academic programs, as well as the program’s “truly interdisciplinary nature” and “our distinct geographic location in the arid Southwest borderland” as reasons to leave the program untouched. It concludes with a colorful pie chart of “Distribution of Faculty Membership on Ph.D. Committees,” which is always a good way to wrap things up.


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