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White Paper: Arizona Center for Educational Success

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Connor Mendenhall on 19 October 2008

Here come the acronyms! This white paper from the College of Education suggests creating an “Arizona Center for Educational Success” dedicated to doubling the college’s “external funding” to $10 million—basically, an office to help faculty submit grant proposals and organize research. 

The proposal also outlines four research areas the center will emphasize:

  • Early childhood education. A classic. Plus, it’s “interdisciplinary!”
  • Educational reform. Here’s hoping this is more Cristo Rey than Bill Ayers.
  • “Globalized competencies,” including “immigration and education, and language and social policies and their impact on educational practice and outcomes in the U.S. and elsewhere.”
  • Data collection. Developing a big, central database of education information.

One noteworthy ambition of ACES: creating “opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in research internships.” This is the first clear reference to students I’ve read in any of the white papers so far.

As for the project’s financial impact, despite appointing “a senior professor” to direct the program and reassigning an assistant and a researcher to help run it, the paper declares that “there will be no new costs in personnel,” just “strategic reallocation.”

Sounds good on whitepaper, but what did that senior professor do before becoming grantwriter-in-chief? Was he teaching students, or did the Dean just open up his cryo-pod, defrost him, and send him off to work?

Nice try—but you can’t pass off jokers as ACES.

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  1. G.R. Kearney said, on 21 October 2008 at 5:04 am

    Amen. here’s hoping there’s more Cristo Rey. Those interested in learning more about this very exciting model for high school education, may want to check out

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