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Olson out?

Posted in Campus by Connor Mendenhall on 23 October 2008

The Daily Wildcat and national media are reporting that venerated UA men’s basketball coach Lute Olson is retiring, to be replaced by associate head coach Mike Dunlap. ESPN commentator Dick Vitale broke the story earlier today on the Web, citing an unnamed source. As of now, UA athletics officials are claiming the reports are false and that “Lute is still our coach.”

UA basketball fans have worried that this moment might be near since before Lute’s mysterious leave of absence last year. I’ve taken cracks at Lute’s salary and his silence regarding last year’s leave, but as a native Tucsonan and a Wildcat I hope the reports are bogus—the ’97 national championship rivals duck-duck-goose as a pivotal childhood memory. For Lute to resign now would be, to steal a phrase from Chris Buckley, “graffiti on a marble bust.”

[UPDATE: The Daily Star just confirmed Lute’s retirement, via the father of ’09 recruit Solomon Hill]

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