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White Paper: Border, Transnational, and Cross-Cultural Studies

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Evan Lisull on 23 October 2008

Why, oh why? The paper proposes to form a new Center for Border, Hemispheric, Transnational, and Cross-Cultural Studies:

. . .that will draw together colleagues across units, will eventually achieve degree granting status, and will be comprised of three interrelated research clusters: cultural, media and literary studies; indigenous knowledge, migration, technology and society; and cross-disciplinary comparative studies that offer research opportunities in such areas as local and regional environmentalism, bio-politics, and bio-technology. . .  The Center would offer a GIDP, and an undergraduate interdisciplinary major that would prepare and train students to become active participants in both the private and the public sector.

The problem is that this proposal stands in complete defiance of reality. The proposal does not seek to re-organize, consolidate, or eliminate any current units. The word “budget” does not appear at any point in the paper. Even if there are millions of dollars just waiting in federal grants, you still need start-up funds to get the Center started — funds which aren’t forthcoming any time in the next year or two.

Perhaps some day this will be a decent idea. But for now, there’s just no way that this can happen.


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