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White Paper: Cancer Biology

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Connor Mendenhall on 23 October 2008

Looks like UA’s interdisciplinary graduate programs are forming their own little “leave us alone” coalition. From the Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary white paper, which is eerily similar to the submission from Arid Lands:

The CBIO Executive Committee met on September 22, 2008 to discuss the role of the CBIO GIDP in the University transformation process.  The unanimous decision of this Committee was to remain a GIDP.  In addition, a survey by e-mail was conducted for the CBO GIDP faculty and the responses indicated overwhelming support to remain a GIDP.   

This decision and recommendation to remain a GIDP was based on the fact that Cancer Biology is truly an interdisciplinary science and Ph.D. students in the Program are best served through a Program that crosses departmental and college boundaries.  

This followed by the same rundown of excellence evidence, similar quotes from the last campus Academic Review, and the same emphasis on the value of interdisciplinary research. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.


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