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White Paper: School of Neuroscience

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Evan Lisull on 23 October 2008

Drawing from the related fields within Psychology, Language & Hearing Sciences, and the divisions of Neurobiology and Neural Systems, Memory & Aging (from the ARL), this paper proposes a new School of Neuroscience within the College of Science.

This school would eventually provide undergraduate minors and majors for Neuroscience, and would also provide “enhancement” for the currently existing graduate program. Eventually, the school would also like to develop a UA Neuroscience Center, approved by the ABOR and funded with private donations and federal grants.

There is a bit of disagreement coming from College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, regarding the placing of psychology within this new school (and ultimately, under the College of Science):

Dr. Betty Glisky (acting Dept Head for Psychology) conveyed concern about the Dept of Psychology being located within a School of Neuroscience, but supported a collaborative association.  An informal poll of several faculty members in Psychology indicated that about half of the Psychology faculty was supportive of this proposal.

However, a compromise seems rather obvious. The current Dept. of Psychology, housed under SBS, offers both a B.A. and a B.S. Science offering a B.A. isn’t logical, while SBS offering a B.S. is equally illogical. Sending the B.S. portion of psychology over the College of Science (or perhaps the School of Neuroscience), while keeping the B.A. at SBS, keeps both of these Colleges in their rightful sphere.

The paper literally screams in all-caps that IT IS BUDGET NEUTRAL. There’s no need for a new administrative position, the authors say, because the school would be administered by a steering committee. A lot of Deus ex Alumnis, and not a lot of actual budgetary implications.


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