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White Paper: Women’s Studies Research Centers

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Evan Lisull on 23 October 2008

This proposal can be summed up by the title: merge the Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW) and the Center of Excellence in Women’s Health (WCoE). This simply makes sense, even if, as the budgetary section points out, a pretty small monetary impact in the scheme of things. Still, every little bit helps.

The budget section also offers more of our favorite white paper appeals:

1. Money Ain’t Shit:

Given that the combined permanent state funding for both units (SIROW and WCoE) is less $200,000 and represents less than 6% of the total grant funding generated by the two units, a
reduction in budget is not being proposed.

(Again, this is more reasonable than most, but it’s still funny to read.)

2. Deus Ex Alumnis + Budgetary Probability — A two-fer!

Perhaps improved ability to fundraise given a larger unit and increased research portfolio

On a broader scale, it makes one wonder why the Women’s Resource Center that was an issue of debate during the ASUA elections isn’t just a side project of the new SIROW-WCoE conglomeration. This, it seems to me, would actually help both organizations — the WRC would be connected to the literature behind their activism, while the SIROW-WCoE would be able to put their knowledge to use in the broader community.

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