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Violence in Nogales

Posted in Uncategorized by Evan Lisull on 24 October 2008

Concerns have risen over the recent spats of violence around the UA, but ominous trends are emerging just forty-five minutes south of us as well. From the Border Report:

NOGALES, SONORA – I guess that State Department travel advisory from last week proved topical, three innocents were wounded in today’s gunfight. Police took casualties as well, one, a bullet to the head and two more were wounded by grenade shrapnel.

. . .

Today’s attack has all the hallmarks of an organized assault on police. In every case I’ve seen, convoys stick together until they don’t. In this one, the group in the second SUV waited for police in the tight corner of the Unidad Deportiva under an overpass.

This is just of many manifestations of the escalating drug-related violence around the Border. The US Consulate in Monterrey was attacked ten days ago. This attack followed in the wake of a series of brutal beheadings around the border this August. The LA Times, in a recent editorial, estimated that nearly 4,000 Mexican people have been killed this year in drug-related violence.

What is curious is that, while there are certainly government officials caught in the fire, the majority of the fighting is cartel-vs.-cartel, fighting for control of their respective drug markets. It’s nice to talk about open borders and all, but these attacks remind us that even though US immigration policies are extremely flawed, defending the border is still necessary.

More here from the Arizona Republic.

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