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White Paper: Sarver Heart Center

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Evan Lisull on 30 October 2008

One argument, and one proposal in this paper.

First, the argument, as spelled out in the best American English that the UA bureaucracy can buy:

The first is to present cogent reasons why the Arizona Regents approved Center of Excellence, the Sarver Heart Center, like the Arizona Cancer Center, and the Steel Memorial Children’s Center should not be included in the suggested placement of many of the centers into a proposed, “Institute.”

If this is what we can expect from “more-specified” English requirements, then this offers all the more reason to fight against such a proposal. Fortunately, the paper goes into a few more details about this argument:

It is obvious that with the increasing number of units within the Arizona Health Sciences Center, there is a significant problem with name recognition that interferes with fund raising efforts for the University of Arizona Foundation.  For example, many patients give money to University Medical Center, thinking it is supporting Cardiovascular Disease.  They do not know the difference between UMC, UPH and the other units within the University of Arizona.  Adding another institute will add to the confusion, and could harm rather than help our fund raising efforts.

This, however, seems like a very easy problem to remedy. When donations are being solicited, or a donor says that they want to help cardiovascular disease research, then the Foundation can mention the Sarver Center, even if it is under the aegis of this unnamed “Institute.” But if the patient doesn’t specifically mention cardiovascular health, it’s a bit presumptuous to assume that that’s where they wanted their money to go.

Yet, as the Sarver Center exhibits fears about being lost in a consolidated machine, it conveniently forgets these concerns when it comes to absorbing other entities. The second part of the paper proposes that the Molecular Cardiovascular Research Program (MCRP) be absorbed into Sarver.

The paper continues its trend of counseling against ideas, urging against any proposals to absorb the MCRP into any academic department, citing concerns compromising “expectations to former donations. . .and future fund raising efforts.”

The budget paragraph:

The amount of state support to the Sarver Heart Center is minimal and appropriately used.  The Molecular Cardiovascular Research Program does not receive any direct state dollars.  Therefore, consolidation of the two programs has no financial penalty.  This proposal is focused on maintaining and excelling in fund-raising (e.g., Endowment) efforts that have and will continue to benefit The University of Arizona as a whole.


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