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ASUA Senate Meeting 8 Follow-Up

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 1 November 2008

In my write-up of the eighth Senate meeting this year, I wrote the following:

Yet an item brought up in today’s meeting by Sen. Fritze garnered no such process. After the item was called and seconded, the floor was opened for discussion. However, after perhaps a second of silence, another Senator moved to end discussion and vote, a motion that was not challenged. The vote in favor of the item was unanimous.

I have absolutely no idea what this item is, what it entails, or who it involves. Hopefully, a public records request for the minutes will help to sort this out; regardless, it’s a very iffy way to go about achieving “public disclosure.”

The public records request came back; unfortunately, the minutes offer little in the way of what exactly was approved:

Item #S09039 –Consent Agenda
Senator Fritze second by Senator Ellis
Question by Mackenzie Second Senator Baker
Consent Agenda approved for $2,811.97

According to a handout from the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leaders:

A consent agenda is a practice by which the mundane and non-controversial board action
items are organized apart from the rest of the agenda and approved as a group.  This includes
all of the business items that require formal board approval and yet, because they are not
controversial, there is no need for board discussion before taking a vote.  Items may be on a
consent agenda only if all board members agree; if even one member considers a specific item
to need discussion, it must be removed and placed on the regular agenda for the board

So, again, this seems uncontroversial. But in ASUA terms, $2,811.97 is a decent amount of money, and it would be nice to definitively know where the funds are going.


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