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White Paper: Eller Student Services

Posted in UA Transformation Plan by Evan Lisull on 3 November 2008

Eliminate Eller-provided ESL classes: This might be a bigger issue if the Eller ESL classes were oriented towards “business English.” However, they have not, and thus the ESL classes taken by foreign Eller students would now take place at the Center for ESL.

Eliminate 2.5 advisor positions: This takes the opposite tack of the UA Advising Council paper, and praises the advising role that Faculty play in providing students with information on career choices, grad school options, and contact with potential employers. The school recognizes the need for advisors at an undergraduate level, but encourages upperclassmen to use Faculty for advising support.

Eliminate MBA related secretaries
: Two full time personnel will now work part-time, and one FTE position will be eliminated.

Eliminate Doctoral Program coordinator: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find who this person is (any tips, Eller kids?), but it’s clearly one individual who has been singled out for elimination. Cold, Portney, real cold. Still, it’s probably an unnecessary position in the scheme of things.

There’s a bit of a debate in the comments, raised over the recommendation that the Eller Honors Advisor position be eliminated. Three students quickly rejected this, citing mostly personal connections to the advisor “Dave.”

Total savings are estimated at $370,000


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