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ASUA Meeting 11 – Discussing next week’s meeting

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 6 November 2008

As mentioned before, nothing really happened here. Due to some some sort of issue with a cartoon, the meeting was forced to adjourn in time for a 5:30 event.

Things started off with a debate over funding from the pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. The usual dance played out here: PAD is upset due to funding levels, and would like more (the Appropiations Board gave them full funding for two members to attend a Mock Trial Conference; however, a full team consists of four members). Sen. Emily Fritze spoke against any more funds, reminding the Senate that this amount was fully in accordance with precedent. Most everyone agreed, except for Sen. Nick Macchiaroli, who argued that the event was actually a competition, and thus should get a re-hearing for their funds. However, it turns out that this is technically a conference — thus, no dice. Vote is 9-1 against a rehearing.

As a side note, this is not the first time that the competition/conference distinction has been brought up with regards to appropriations. In this case, it seems odd to designate this a “conference,” since I have yet to hear of a mock trial event without competing, prizes, and rankings. This distinction is no doubt based on some Appropriations code; we’ll be working on that.

The elections code has been tabled for next week, largely due to the cartoon meeting.

The security survey is still (still!) in the works, and apparently the planned meeting last week with Jason Kazares fell through. Any bets on whether or not this survey gets out before the end of the semester?

The USA Today program is taking longer than planned to get through, and thus the anticipated debut will not take place until next semester.


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