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Posted in Campus, Media, Politics by Evan Lisull on 10 November 2008

I hope. The response from the various groups is detailed in today’s paper:

Campus groups will celebrate this year’s historic election on the UA Mall Wednesday at 1 p.m. with “Stop The Hate And Celebrate: Yes We Did!” The event will bring student groups together to celebrate campus diversity along with a new president. The event is also meant to act as a symbol of groups moving past the mistakenly run comic from last week.

Translation: We wanted to have a protest, but we realized how ridiculous that would look. So, a happy protest instead! Yay!

“(This event) is in response to the comic, but at this point it encompasses a larger campus community. The overall goal of it is to promote change, which I think has been propelled by the election, as well as celebrate our campus diversity and unity of all groups, whether it be marginalized minority groups or just the Wildcat family as a group, just celebrating the fact that we are a campus comprised of so many types of students and that we have a kind of unity and bond with each other,” said Patel.

“In light of what happened this past week, the students chose to move forward,” Gebrekidane – who attended last week’s meeting concerning the comic – said. “We don’t want the negative spirit that has taken place, to overshadow the significant (choice) this country has made.”

I think the Greeks had a term for this, but it’s been awhile since I’ve dug out the old Aeschylus. Also, as far the claim of “representing the campus” goes, I would point towards today’s “Mailbag”, which features eight letters from students. All of them support, in one way or another, the Wildcat‘s actions. Of course, to ASUA, these students aren’t worth representing.

Curious hypothetical — if Bobby Jindal had won the election, would there be a similar celebrating of the great step forward that America made?

As far as the Wildcat goes, the response was pretty lily-livered:

Many readers have been offended by the content of Knight’s comic. At this point, the Daily Wildcat is not approaching this controversy as a free speech issue. Unfortunately, many comments directed our way have attempted to make it a free speech issue, while we have been trying to address it as a management problem that has since been resolved.

We have heard from many of our African-American readers on this issue, and we ultimately hear that this comic has upset them in its language and political commentary.

I am suspending Knight’s comic and turning to our readers. We would like to run a UA student’s comic strip that will help better diversify the Daily Wildcat. To suggest a comic artist or to apply for this position, please contact me directly at

I’ve hinted at the easy solution before, but I’ll say it loud and clear: Get rid of the comics section! The section is a running joke, which would be good except for the fact that students are laughing at how unfunny and poorly illustrated the cartoons are. Low supply from the UA has forced the paper to contract comics from elsewhere, a pretty inexplicable expense considering how much trouble they’ve brought. This way, you clear the way for something useful — essay length features? More local news reportage? The possibilities are many.


2 Responses

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  1. Ben Kalafut said, on 10 November 2008 at 5:07 pm

    The comics haven’t been funny since the graduation of genuinely talented Arnie Bermudez. Remember when Sarape’s Grill used to set off this sort of reaction among the hypersensitized set, weekly?

  2. Arnie Bermudez said, on 24 November 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Wow! Thank you, Ben. Those were the good ol’ days.

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