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‘Mandatory Training’ for the Wildcat staff

Posted in Campus, Media by Evan Lisull on 11 November 2008

Turns out, this ‘rally’ isn’t such a happy-go-lucky event, but one with a very specific agenda. From Facebook, the “Message” of the event (sadly, spelling is entirely sic):

1.Comic strip does not represent U of A Students, we do not agree.(Please see reverse)

2.We are promoting change, diversity, and unity on campus of the University of Arizona. We are encouraging the Wildcat newspaper to be more sensitive to our community as a whole.

3.We forgive your mistake, However inappropriate behavior is hurtful yet Ignorant behavior is teachable.

4.We want the Wildcat newspaper to be held accountable for educating their staff members with specific MANDATORY training. (Ex: publication, material written, and articles)

Suddenly, those ‘re-education camp’ jokes just got a whole lot less funny. This sort of mandated goodwill seems to be a theme amongst Obama supporters.

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  1. […] what ASUA’s role is in this rally) this event, ASUA is implictly endorsing all of the ‘platforms‘ of the event — which include MANDATORY training. The rally starts in three hours […]

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