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ASUA Senate Meeting XII

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 13 November 2008

1. Elections Code Approved. The code won’t be realized until at least next week, but I wouldn’t get too optimistic. Among the changes brought up during discussion on the code was a mention by Sen. Ziccarelli of the “reduction in spending limits.” Most of the debate centered around who could approve the use of club listservs for sending political messages. The Senate deserves praise for making sure that messages from Facebook groups weren’t prohibited, although this is pretty basic — if you join a group, you should be ready to accept whatever messages that group sends. Nobody is forcing you to remain in the group. Then, Sen. Macchiaroli suggested that sustainability requirements might be included in the code, “since flyers take up a lot of paper.” Thankfully, Elections Commissioner Kenny Ho said such measures would be dictated in the memo, which hopefully means that it isn’t binding. We’ll have more on this when the code comes out, but I highly suspect that this old column of mine will still be relevant.

Also, Vice President Anderson was ebullient over the short debate on the elections code, saying that it’s gone from eight hours when she was a Senator, to five hours last year, to just 30 minutes this year. I hate the meetings as much as anyone else, but is this really a good sign for the basic principles that underlie any governing body?

2. Response to the Cartoon Rally. Sen. Emily Fritze opined for a good deal of time on the whole snafu of the last week or so:

“I’m glad things are winding down, but I think that we . . . remembered that we represent the students that were disgruntled, but the students at the Wildcat as well. We need to understand that although we support freedom of speech, we also respect the concerns . . . our presence at a meeting does not mean that we represent the other side.”

That’s definitely a step in the right direction. I’m still not quite convinced that ASUA completely understands what exactly it did, or is entirely contrite for its actions, but it’s better than before.

Other things of note:

-Apparently, nobody is applying to be a Senate aide.

-The security survey is still not done.

-ASUA, ZonaZoo, UAPD, and other relevant authorities are still looking into the mayhem that was Homecoming 2008,

Onto the Town Hall!


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  1. […] this code was so “murky”, then why was it described in opposite terms when the Senate voted unanimously to approve it? If the Code was still indistinct, shouldn’t it have been sent back to the […]

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