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Great barrier

Posted in Campus, Politics by Connor Mendenhall on 14 November 2008

Notehall’s cozy connection with student government tingles Evan’s Buchanantennae (yeah, I just went there), but there’s another ASUA Senate action this week that’s setting off mine.

A shorter and shorter debate over the ASUA election code indicates more and more incumbent student politicians satisfied with its limits on political speech. And why shouldn’t they be? The most recent code includes a pitiful $400 ceiling on candidate spending, a $100 limit on personal campaign contributions, detailed budget disclosure requirements, signature thresholds and mandatory meetings for prospective candidates, prohibitions designed to prevent political parties, and a raft of regulations on signs and speech, including a section that requires all websites to be personally approved by the ASUA Election Commissioner. Sure, many of the code’s provisions are common sense (which leads one to wonder why we need a detailed code at all), but many others create barriers to entry and discourage potential challengers by raising the cost of campaigning—just like real election laws!

No wonder two-termer Jessica Anderson is patting herself on the back.


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  1. […] description.” It would appear, in spite of their denials, that my Buchanantennae (thanks, Connor) were on to something. I don’t doubt that Notehall is a good resource worth considering, but […]

  2. The Arizona Desert Lamp said, on 18 February 2009 at 10:52 am

    […] no way to know. Although many sections of the elections code are thickets of restrictive regulation, many others give the Elections Commissioner broad authority to interpret the written rules and […]

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