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2 Comic 2 Controversy

Posted in Campus, Media by Connor Mendenhall on 19 November 2008

The saga continues. According to today’s Daily Wildcat, ASUA, the Dean of Students’ office, Residence Life, and the Diversity Resource Office scraped together $4000 to bring Keith Knight, creator of the disputatious doodle, for a question and answer session with the still-traumatized UA student body. (Note to prospective student cartoonists: this business model is not half bad!)

The event, to take place at 6pm tonight in the Student Union’s north ballroom, will feature a slideshow from the cartoonist, a panel of professors, and a chance for students to “hand in questions on notecards to drive the panel’s discussion”—the sort of thing the university ought to have sponsored from the beginning, rather than a series of futile and frightening collective vent-sessions. I know it’s too much to ask for, but I’d love to see an Oxford Union style opportunity to vote on whether the comic should have been published both before and after a couple hours of (hopefully) reasoned debate. This House, for one, believes it’s time to move the hell on. But it would be interesting to see just how many students disagree. Anyone care to propose a vote via notecard?


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