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Posted in Alumni, Campus by Evan Lisull on 19 November 2008

There’s only one way that the UA could top the celebrity appearances of Katy Perry and cartoonist Keith Knight — bring in the Moustache!

Thankfully, the UA is always reaching out to its alumni (except for David Foster Wallace, whose passing was essentially ignored by the higher-ups), and Geraldo Rivera, the only Fox News journalist to have been involved in feuds with Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Hurricane Ike, white supremacist groups, Keith Olbermann, and the Pentagon will be making an appearance at the Union Bookstore in about an hour’s time. To get you excited for the event, here are some of Geraldo’s finest moments:

Geraldo Rivera

Sadly (or thankfully, I suppose), there’s no YouTube of Geraldo revealing the location of soldiers in Iraq.


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  1. […] undergrad philosophy thesis—or at least, this essay explaining it. [Back] cf. Messrs. Rivera, Bruckheimer, Dole; Mlle. Richie. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)d.f.w., r.i.p.A […]

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