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Keith Knight’s Visit

Posted in Campus, Media, Politics by Evan Lisull on 20 November 2008

Due to a combination of the Senate meeting and a computer with serious battery issues, I missed the beginning and end of Keith Knight’s visit to campus.

Knight started off with a slideshow of his other work, providing those who hadn’t visited the K-Chronicles website with a broader view of Knight’s work. Knight’s basic position on the matter came down to agreeing that the date of the publication was “not cool,” that he still stands by the comic, and that his spot should be deferred for a student cartoonist.

Meanwhile, the professors added a heavy dose of common sense. The journalism professor, Terry Wimmer, was an absolutist on free speech, saying there should be essentially no limitations on speech, and that the only restraints can come from acting civilly in society. Even the African American Studies professor, Wendy Thoedore, who said that she would have been offended by the term “no matter what date it was printed on,” reminded the audience that there was no legal line in the U.S. between hate speech and freedom of speech (paging ASUA!).

All in all, a pretty sedate event. Two weeks after the matter, we may finally be able to put this controversy to bed.


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