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New blog on the block

Posted in Uncategorized by Evan Lisull on 30 November 2008

The latest UA blogger, Alyson Hill, has just written her first entry for her new blog The New Century. You will never see Charlie Brown television specials in the same way again:

One wonders whether the parents are protesting the imperialist-consumerist Thanksgiving holiday and refusing to indulge Grandma’s traditionalism; or perhaps they’re lounging among naked hippies in a drug-addled haze, too out of it to even realize their children are missing — this is, after all, the seventies. The children do what they can to enjoy the holiday, but ultimately they’re either too young or too poorly brought up to be able to achieve much, and Grandma, that beacon of pre-post-modernism, must save the day.

As they say, read the rest here, and be sure to add this one to your blogroll.


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  1. A. Hill said, on 30 November 2008 at 11:50 pm

    I’m famous! Thanks, Evan.

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