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Posted in Culture, Random by Connor Mendenhall on 23 December 2008

According to the folks who follow the activities of wannabe Web-jihadis at Jihadica (my favorite online source “for materials related to militant, transnational Sunni Islamism”) there’s a new plan in the works for bringin’ it to the Dar al-Harb: invading facebook.

A recent post by a member of Faloja, one of several notorious jihadi internet forums, suggests that “after great success in raiding YouTube,” it’s time to “reach millions of people” through facebook and “post media…that shows the Crusader losses.” Is there any dark corner of the world where hyperbole about “social networking” has yet to tread?

I’m no ibn al-Walid, but I’ve got my doubts about the strategic merits of a facebook invasion. If online jihadis are anything like me, they’ll just end up playing a lot of online Scrabble and constantly refreshing their profiles with little witticisms. In fact, they’ve already declared the first invasion a failure. Maybe they’d have better luck with the Causes application.

Read more at Jihadica.  (Thanks, Arfa!)

[Update: By the way, it’s worth noting that Dr. William McCants, the founder of Jihadica, is a graduate of UA’s very own Near Eastern Studies program!]

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