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Bureaucracy, Abroad

Posted in Culture, Media by Evan Lisull on 8 January 2009

There’s less than a week left before the UA’s (excessively) long winter break comes to an end. The good news, though, is that the rest of the UA blogosphere is starting to come back. First up is Laura Donovan, who got to see the best of French culture. Money quote:

The flight was delayed for more than two hours the following day. We sat on the jetway again and the pilot said we were experiencing “deja vu,” so I asked the flight attendant if we were going to get stuck at the airport for another night.

“Are we going to Houston or not?”

“That is the intention, yes.”

I told him that the airline was disrespectful and inflicting harm upon passengers, and he responded, “Customer service is not a part of this culture. This isn’t America. Sometimes planes go, sometimes they don’t. They go when they go in this country.”

Meanwhile, Sarko’s government has been insistent on killing café culture. Trés mal! The Atlantic also had a good piece on French mores back in 2001.


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