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Bum rush the show!

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 21 January 2009

Me for PresidentLost in yesterday’s excitement over both the new president’s inauguration and the surprisingly large demonstration against proposed budget cuts was the release of the candidate packets for the upcoming ASUA election. The Lamp is, of course, a skeptic of ASUA. Yet on this we really do agree: sign up to be candidate! Do it!

Of course, we have different motives. ASUA would like a large turnout as a vindication of its own worthiness, and would like to have enough candidates to actually have ten senators. The Lamp, however, is seeking something different. We want candidates who don’t parrot their Fearless Leader. We want new ideas. We want an end to meaningless proposals to, “Increase awareness of. . .” or “Strengthen. . . ” such-and-such a program. We want a Senator, or a VP, who isn’t afraid to say to no, to argue with his or her collegues. We want a real debate over what ASUA is supposed to do.

Ideally, we’d have dozens of candidates, some delightfully bizarre and some atrociously insane. The process is not easy, nor is the paper work fun to fill out. But once the bureaucracy is overcome, a student campaign offers nearly limitless possibilities for high-end hijinks. Potential Monarchists already have the support of one publication. If the Rhinoceros Party of Canada can capture a percentage of that nation’s vote, there’s no reason that an equivalent movement can’t gain a majority in the ASUA Senate. To quote from the Kinky Friedman campaign, “Why the hell not?”

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  1. Connor Mendenhall said, on 21 January 2009 at 3:11 pm

    I have long been hoping for someone to run on a platform of liquidating the ASUA budget into a big pile of pennies on the mall and giving free shovels to every student. Interested? Pick up a packet!

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