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Budget passes both chambers

Posted in Politics by Evan Lisull on 31 January 2009

This, according to the new and very nifty Arizona Guardian:

The Legislature plowed through dozens of amendments and approved a package of six bills late Friday night and early Saturday morning to fill a $1.6 billion deficit in the 2009 state budget.

. . .

The budget cuts huge swaths out of state government programs with just five months left in the fiscal year, taking $1 billion in roughly equal amounts of spending cuts and funds sweeps and relying on $500 million in expected federal stimulus money.

Universities, K-12 and health programs are taking the biggest hit, and thousands of jobs are expected to be lost in all corners of state government. School districts say the cuts amount to about 6 percent.

. . .

Another compromise was to drain the Science Foundation’s 21st Century Fund, which is estimated at $22.5 million. The House had suggested cutting $7.5 million and the Senate $15 million, but some Republicans wanted to do away with it altogether.

It looks like the $142 million number is now, barring a surprise veto from Gov. Brewer, a done deal.


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