The Arizona Desert Lamp

Odds and Ends

Posted in Random by Evan Lisull on 5 February 2009

1. Due to an unforeseen house-related emergency, the author was unfortunately unable to attend yesterday’s Senate meeting. Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if the Senate’s GarageBand-produced recording were released online, but I digress. (Besides, it does sound like at least one Senator is moving towards making this a reality — Sen. Fritze alluded to speaking with a tech figure about implementing such a system.) The author will be filling out the forms to access the meeting’s minutes, and comments from anyone who did manage to make yesterday’s meeting will be most appreciated.

2. A most erudite friend (and member of the esteemed Lamp commentariat) has pointed out that the Latin on the right-hand barrier is in error. The phrase should now be correct, but we apologize to any classicists that may have been irrevocably harmed over the past few months.

3. Speaking of corrections, we’ve also gone ahead and updated the the “About the Blog” section.

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