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Posted in Culture, Media by Evan Lisull on 19 February 2009

Tonatiuh, Aztec God of the SunThanks to Matt Styer, we’ve got a new name for the UA’s nascent blogosphere: Under the Sun. It’s cleaner than “Zonasphere”, yet keeps the localism firmly in tact. 

1. A new blog emergeth! Former guest writer Matt Styer has forged a path of his own and started a new blog, Critical Political. Swinging like he’s in the Phillipines, Matt follows a Lepidopteran follow-up to this site’s discussion on the liberal arts with a stinging rebuke of market misconceptions. This conversation just got a whole lot more interesting. 

2. Over at Goldwater State, Ben Kalafut calls out the wingnuttery, be it in on the secessionist (Tenth Amendment! Be still, my beating heart) or nativist primary feathers

3. Laura Donovan finds herself aligned against both Brother Jed and Victoria’s Secret. Also, if you need a break from the whizz-pow! pace of the blogging world, be sure to check out the site devoted to her essay-length creative nonfiction. 

4. At the Civic Spirit, Justyn Dillingham points out the conflict within the National Review’s list of top conservative movies. Somehow, I suspect that he’s getting at something far bigger than cinema preferences. 

Picture of Aztec god Tonatiuh courtesy of Wiki Commons 


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