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Three Cheeses, Two Plasmas, and a Noodle

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 19 February 2009

Plasma 1, Three CheesesSo, I’m sure that students really, really want plasma TVs – even though most of them want them in their rooms, rather than their Student Union. I’m also pretty sure that the Cellar already has such TVs not only in the restaurant area, but in the gaming area and a specifically designated “TV Lounge” as well.

What I can’t quite understand is why there was such a demand for plasmas at Three Cheeses and a Noodle, home of the “nine-dollar” pasta plate. The restaurant has not one, but two TVs in its eating area. Do students really require hi-def Judge Mathis to properly digest their lasagna? Will Arizona’s brightest go insane if they go without exposure to an electronic screen for more than an hour?

If you’re going to be spending money on television sets (a dubious prospect itself), at the very least you should spend it for TVs that are actually used, in the most active manner that a “hot” media like television can be used. It is one thing to actively watch a program; it is quite another to spend money so that students can have some background noise outside of the alternative rock station. Plasma 2, Three Cheeses

People like Russell Pearce enjoy posturing in a populist crouch against the universities, describing them as ‘country clubs.’ But when you have additions like this and dorms like ASU’s, you don’t exactly help yourself out either.

Ladies and gentlemen, “your” Student Services Fee at work.


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  1. Jimi Alexander said, on 19 February 2009 at 9:27 pm

    After following the link and seeing ASU’s crazy dorms, one thing’s for certain: I’m attending the wrong Arizona-based college.

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