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Two new allies against fees

Posted in Campus, Politics by Connor Mendenhall on 19 February 2009

First, the Daily Wildcat editorial board, in cautious concurrence with my opinion on President Shelton’s proposed fees to make up for state budget cuts:

In a story published last Friday in The Arizona Daily Star, Shelton said he planned to ask the Arizona Board of Regents for an additional student fee – “a fee tied to what the state did not fund,” as he put it.

We strongly urge President Shelton to reconsider.

Students are united by a common feeling that we shoulder a disproportionate share of the cost of higher education, compared both to the tuition paid by past generations of students and to the benefits that higher education brings to Arizona. Despite this, it’s obvious that a precipitous drop in state support is imminent, and most students have come to terms with the idea that they’re going to have to pick up the slack.

We believe, however, that the appropriate place for these costs to be paid is through tuition. Tuition is the money that students pay to the university specifically to cover the cost of our education, and if the cost of our education increases, it is this amount that ought to be increased to cover it.


The idea of a fee to cover, say, the university’s electric bill is a dangerous precedent to set – if for no other reason than that while tuition is set annually, student fees once established tend to remain in perpetuity. Tuition, on the other hand, could theoretically drop a bit should the voters of Arizona ever come to their senses and select more progressive leaders to send to Phoenix.

Second, Senate candidate Sarah Bratt, the third [UPDATE: second –ECM] ASUA hopeful to stand with students and sign our Fee Protection Pledge. We send our thanks–and you should send your votes.

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