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Remember when ASUA actually fought fees?

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 21 February 2009

Neither did I; but thanks to the archives of the Arizona Growler, we can all remember back to heady days of 2006:

The Arizona Board of Regents apparently wants to increase the new mandatory student technology fee from $65/yr to $130/yr.  The fee appeared to have slipped under our noses last year, but this proposed increase appears to be meeting some opposition.

Two ASUA senators have set up and a corresponding Facebook group in order to organize opposition against the fee, which is expected to be voted upon on November 30th.

Looking at the Facebook group (the site, sadly, has closed down), only one former Senator — Samantha Kerr — remains an administrator. However, the group offers former Senator Steven Gerner’s email address. As those of you who have looked at your tuition bill know, the proposal ultimately failed, and the Regents approved the fee increase, ignoring student malcontent in typical fashion.

Meanwhile, this year the Dean of Libraries has called for the portion of the Information Technologies/Libraries Fee dedicated to the libraries to rise from $30 to $180 per semester — causing the total cost of the fee to rise from $115 per year to $265 per year. Where once two sitting Senators opposed such feeing, now only one candidate is willing to take such a stand.


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