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Posted in Media by Evan Lisull on 27 February 2009

There will be a quiz on Monday:

-Matt Styer of Critical Political discusses some seriously highbrow stuff in his post entitled, “Political Freedoms, Ethics, Relationships.” Also, it looks the site will soon be featuring a guest writer, who finds himself on “the side of classically conservative ideas, regardless of what party they come from (I voted for Obama).” Awesome. 

-At the Civic Spirit, Justyn Dillingham takes down the myth of Bobby Jindal after his SOTU-response, not realizing that a malevolent ex-staffer switched his planned response with a statement that he had planned for his guest appearance on Sesame Street later on in the week.

-Ben Kalafut exposes the absurdity of Arizona’s driving laws at Goldwater State.

-Laura Donovan bids soror, ave atque vale to the Chi-O House, and seeks input on the unwritten laws of men and women over at her nonfiction clearinghouse.


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  1. Emily said, on 27 February 2009 at 12:44 pm

    Alpha Chi O house is now off campus. I can personally attest that Chi O is still going strong.

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