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ASUA Senate Meeting XXII: The Early Bird Edition

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 3 March 2009

Early Bird SpecialDue to tomorrow’s Lobby Day at the state capitol, the Senate meeting was pushed a day earlier, and into the cozy ASUA conference room (read: Your Working Boy got to put on his real blogger pants and work while siting on the floor). Curiously, only Sen. Rubio and EVP Anderson are currently going to Phoenix, leading Anderson to call out the other nine.

Impeachment by-laws are not ready; and, as the Wildcat spelled out, the item must be struck from the agenda, and cannot be brought up again until the next meeting. Again, though, there’s no pressing necessity to get these passed, other than getting them done before the end of the semester.

Sen. MacKenzie requested $182 dollars for the upcoming safety fair, which includes funds for three tubs of Eegees. Sen. Baker wondered if there might not be a need for more funds, and his formal amendment to raise the amount to $197 was approved. Sen. Rubio suggested that a round number would be preferable, and the Senate voted unanimously to approve the appropriation of $200 towards the safety fair.

Also, President Bruce channeled his inner Hayek (he’s really, really tiny) in his summary of what to expect from Congress’s stimulus package: “Nobody knows.”


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