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Welfare Wednesday Fun Fact No. 4

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by Connor Mendenhall on 4 March 2009

Welfare WednesdaysToday is Lobby Day, the Arizona Students Association’s annual fun bus to Phoenix to plead for more money from the legislature. But it’s also Welfare Wednesday, which brings me to this week’s fun fact:

With the money spent on Welfare Wednesdays each semester, ASA could have bought round-trip tickets to Phoenix on the Arizona Shuttle for 7578 UA students–way more than the 40 who participated last year. Or, if they wanted to travel in style, they could afford 989 round-trip tickets on United Airlines. Even better, they could spend the whole quarter-million trying to buy off Russell Pearce (R-Mesa), which would doubtless be about as effective.


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  1. […] One of the stronger cases to be made for fees, that Bieda pointed out, is the fact the money stays within the university system. This stands in stark contrast to tuition, which is funneled through the state’s general fund, where 25 to 40 percent of it “vanishes,” before it is returned back to the university. Furthermore, these fees are transparent relative to tuition – when you pay your “Student Services Fee,” you get “student services.” […]

  2. […] might have heard of this. To clarify, this is not a $320,000 increase (with the subsequent addition of Food Stamp […]

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