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Slugocki: PIRG is even more useless than you might think

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 11 March 2009

Certainly, that wasn’t what Mr. Slugocki intended, as one who supports choices at the polls – except when he doesn’t. But his letter to the Wildcat today included the following paragraph:

However, as we enter the last day of ASUA elections, it is important for voters to know that PIRG and ASA have clear differences regarding the issues and work they do for students. It is true that students currently pay a $2 per semester fee to have their voices represented by the Arizona Students’ Association on higher education issues pertaining to college access and affordability. As a result, ASA tackles issues such as the rising cost of tuition and textbooks, the expanding need for financial aid, and the decreasing funds provided by the state legislature for our universities. It is also true that PIRG addresses a number of issues directly affecting university students, but this work is by no means a duplicate of ASA’s efforts. In fact, PIRG undertakes a number of matters important to students outside of the work of ASA, such as warning students about deceptive credit card marketing practices or providing on-campus solutions for addressing the problems of global warming.

Of course, when Mr. Slugocki says that ASA will ‘tackle’ textbook prices, it means that they will exert all of their muscle to get a powerless and “toothless” bill passed. The point, though, is that PIRG won’t be fighting for lower tuition by supporting tuition increases; instead, they’ll be busy cutting out big, scary cardboard monsters to convince students to support increased regulation. They won’t be urging legislators to increase financial aid allocations, but they will exhort them to ensure that books published after 1985 are effectively banned. Inspiring, isn’t it?


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