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Top Five v. Top Five

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 11 March 2009

Perhaps in response to our own top-five list, PIRG’s Facebook group has gone ahead and released their own list of the top five reasons to vote their fee-funded Naderite lobbying outfit onto our campus. Their list below, with our five juxtaposed in italics.

1. We registered the 2nd largest number of students to vote out of the entire college campuses nation wide! 4,400 new voters!

PIRG cheated their way onto the ballot.

2. We passed the Arizona Clean Cars Act to get more fuel-efficient cars on the road in AZ.

It is inappropriate to use a mandatory fee to pay for a political organization.

3. We work with USPIRG and student PIRGs across the country to lobby on our behalf in D.C carrying the student voice all the way to Congress.

PIRG money has a funny way of leaving campus.

4. We passed the most monumental piece of Higher Education legislation in decades called the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. There were only two students present at the signing and one of them was a PIRG student.

We already have a fee-funded student lobbying organization on campus.

5. This semester we are working on Global Warming Solutions where we lobby politicians to pass tough global warming legislation and Hunger and Homelessness working to solve poverty in Arizona by getting directly involved in the community, and we will be working to pass legislation to end poverty.

PIRG doesn’t pay its workers.

We’ll let you decide which side carries more weight.

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