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ASUA Senate Meeting XXIII

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 12 March 2009


No campaigning is allowed at any ASUA sponsored events not including Elections Commission sponsored events.  

Unless, of course, if you’re candidate (and Senator-elect) Eduardo Atjian, and you saunter in a few minutes late wearing your campaign shirt declaring, “VOTE ATJIAN.” You also get an exemption if you’re a sitting Senator, like Stephen Wallace, in which case you’re freely allowed to make the case for your candidacy to groups like Change for Change that present themselves before the Senate: “I’m currently running for reelection. . . if elected, I look forward to working with your organization.” This year, of course, the Elections Commission is helping; and so, while the memory of Rhonda Tubbs, who was punished after her supporters wore campaign paraphernalia to an ASUA Senate meeting, is but a vague recollection, I assure you that Messrs. Atjian and Wallace will face no retribution for their actions. 

The meeting itself was fairly uneventful:

– A chapter of Change for Change announced that they sought “a partnership” with ASUA, which we can hope means no more than another group soliciting funds from the Appropriations Board. 

– Committee reports have been essentially non-existent since their enactment in November 2008. Perhaps now is the time for the Senate to emulate their federal counterparts and enact a Committee on Committees

– “This Senate is going to make recommendations to the elections code to facilitate the process next year,” said Sen. Baker. This is good, but I really do wish that these sorts of issues had been taken into account back when the Senate approved the code last fall.

– The Collegiate Readership Program is inching ever closer to enactment. Sen. Fritze will soon present, along with Gannet representatives, offerings to placate the Daily Wildcat.

– President Bruce said something.


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  1. […] But since ASUA operates not by rule of law, but by rule of BIZARRO, Senator Yamaguchi, like his Code-violating colleague Senator Atjian, will escape with nothing more than a “tsk tsk” from President […]

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