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Campus Coalition cleans up on candidates

Posted in Campus, Politics by Connor Mendenhall on 12 March 2009

Remember the Campus Coalition for Change? If not, you may know them soon: of 13 candidates supported by the CCC, recently formed to elect progressive candidates to student government positions, 12 were elected to ASUA office last night. That means all but one student senator (Hillary Davidson), along with the full executive slate, have the blessing of CCC–a pretty impressive first showing. Campus conspiracy theorists, get pamphleteering: you’ve now got your very own Trilateral Commission to indict.

In all seriousness, though my own politics part ways with their progressive agenda (the last thing we need now is more dependence on the state legislature for “funding and support”), this is a clear step forward for campus politics. Now instead of nearly-unanimous votes by tradition and technocratic consensus, we may have nearly-unanimous votes with a little ideology backing them up. If this is the beginning of party politics in student government (and I certainly hope it is), then they’ve earned the respect even of this Guns & Doper.


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