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Gannett’s concessions to the Wildcat

Posted in Campus, Media by Evan Lisull on 25 March 2009

GannettIt sounds like today will be the day that Gannet’s reps make their presentation before the ASUA Senate. Sen. Fritze (who has been behind the project) provided us with the proposed offerings that Gannet will grant to the Daily Wildcat:

– USA Today and/or Daily Star want to help identify lower-cost printing and distribution options for the Wildcat. This means that the Arizona Daily Star is willing to bid on their printing when the Wildcat’s current contract is up.

– USA Today will offer a $1,000 scholarship to the Wildcat, and will contribute to an account for professional development opportunities like conferences and travel (although this is still being negotiated)

– Arizona Daily Star already has a pick-up advertising rate for advertisers to extend their advertising into the Wildcat. This hasn’t been used in awhile, but they are offering to loosen up the terms and reinstate the policy.

– Arizona Daily Star will conduct advertising sales training and job workshops.

– USA Today can feature a Wildcat article in its Roundtable email that goes to thousands of students across the country.

– If the Student Services Fee approves the money, ASUA will work with the Wildcat to make sure that the program does not detrimentally affect them.

The last, of course, is meaningless pabulum. Broadly, this looks like a pretty routine slate of proposals, nothing overly kind or cruel.

To read an argument for the proposed Readership Program, go here. For an argument against it, read here. I’ve soured enough since originally writing my piece that I’d be satisfied with either outcome. In the end, though, my support for the CRP hinges on its crowding out of the SSF money. If this fee is being used to provide newspapers for students, then that’s some fee money that can’t be used on another incidental plasma TV, or another Welfare Wednesday, or whatever social-justice-cum-sustainability malarkey is being composed in the laboratories of the Union. If we’re going to be forking over the fee for the forseeable future, we might as well get a decent crossword for it.

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  1. Connor Mendenhall said, on 25 March 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Something makes me think our student media, which prides itself on self-sufficiency and independence, will not like the idea of a thousand-dollar scholarship and some email publicity.

  2. […] we’ve been here before. The proposal contains the numbers on the pilot program, which should be taken with a large grain […]

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