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Welfare Wednesday Fun Fact No. 6

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 25 March 2009

Welfare WednesdaysFirst, though, a bit of a public service announcement. In the “3 Things to Know Today” section of today’s Wildcat, the paper printed the following:

2. On the UA’s dime

Savvy Student Wednesday at the Student Union: Enjoy $3 meal combos from campus vendors.

Sadly, this is incorrect – the entire cost of Welfare Wednesday is funded through the Student Services Fee, which is charged with tuition. The $3 meal combo is provided, in fact, on your dime.

On to today’s fact!

In the video for Jay-Z’s single “Blue Magic,” a close-up shot focuses on a money clip with euros. According to M-Clip – “the world’s finest money clip” – the ‘High Roller’ clip can hold up to 100 bills. Assuming that all of the bills are €500 notes, the clip is worth €50,000 – $67,916.32 as of today’s exchange rate. With the money spent on Welfare Wednesday, the UA could replicate this show of wealth three separate times, with $46,183 leftover to make it rain.


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  1. Ben Kalafut said, on 27 March 2009 at 1:54 am

    Are you going to get around to giving Welfare Wednesday the knock it deserves in the pages of the Wildcat? Or did that already happen while I wasn’t looking?

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