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The costs of promotional pomposity

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 5 April 2009

Student Services Fee MadnessAs if the litany of other absurdities associated with the Student Services Fee weren’t enough, recipients of SSF money must use some of the funds to pay for the ‘Mark of the Fee’ signs that are becoming increasingly ubiquitous on campus:

So that students are aware of the funding source of the various programs and/or services, it is crucial to have the proper signage and marketing materials available.

The Students Affairs Marketing Department can assist you in determining which of the following materials are appropriate for your needs.  The cost of these materials must be included in your application budget.
. . .


1) 1.25” white gloss round Stickers, $60 for roll of 1,000 (Allow 15 business days for this option)

2) 5” round Static Cling Clear Vinyl Window Label, $5 each

3) 12” Exterior Single-Sided Flat Circle Sign,  $80 each (Mimaki print on acrylic, three-hole drilled. Optional Acrylic facing, add $10)

4) 16” Interior Hanging Double-Sided Circular Sign,  $85 each (Tuffprint mounted on gator, hole drilled on top)

5) 24” Interior Single-Sided Wall-Mounted Circular Sign,  $160 each (Lexan on Sintra, pre-drilled holes)

Tuffprint on gator – your money, hard at work.


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  2. […] mean, you didn’t actually think this was your money, did you? That you should be able to spend the $80 that go from your […]

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